Augmented reality in games

Augmented reality gives your game very unique features such as

  • Camera control and game view. Player can control view of the game by simply holding a device and moving it closer or around live game board. This gives player very natural and easy constant game view change. Player is not required to zoom or rotate game scene by finger gestures so is not being distracted from playing. However the game must be viewable from any angle and from any distance in order to use augmented reality game view.
  • Merging real world with virtual content. Combining 2 worlds is always amazing for people when they see it. The feeling of playing the game in your real life is totally unique and can give your game a lot of shine. You can lay down games like Angry birds or Racing directly on the floor in player's room.

  • Virtual reality. Augmented reality also sometimes called blended reality is combination of real world and virtual content. Virtual reality does not show real world but smoothly moving from Augmented reality into virtual reality is very interesting in some cases. Imaging you have got a village with houses and mines etc. In augmented reality you can