SDK for Unity and Vuforia

Live Game Board SDK aims to ease up Augmented reality integration specifically for games.

At first stage we focus on most used and in our opinion best quality tools for both Game development and Augmented reality.

That is why our first SDK is for Unity and Vuforia Augmented reality SDK.

In our Unity extention we give you these features on top what these technologies provide

  • Image target tracking definition is included so you do not have to care about it. Just order the Live Game Board or print it yourself and you are ready to use AR
  • Tracking state following is made easier. LigaboState will give you status any time you ask and you can properly stop and resume games reflecting player conditions.
  • Automatic GUI information overlay shows up when user is not pointing the device correctly 
  • Character controls scripts are included. Follow camera will make your characted follow where player points the camera of his device. Follow joystick is AR avare joystick control so Up means really Up regardless camera rotation

Download the Live Game Board SDK v.1.3.1 for Unity and Vuforia 

requires Unity 4.3 and Vuforia SDK for Unity. We are working on Vuforia 4.0 compatibility upgrade. For now  you need vuforia version 3. You can get it here.